Fundacja Spina


Our foundation was established with the commitment to care for children who have a great opportunity to fully integrate into society.
Their start in life is more difficult than of their healthy peers. Their healthy functioning requires the cooperation of specialists of various fields and the great commitment of parents who are forced to coordinate these initiatives. In many cases, these efforts are crowned with brilliant results. In others the result is disproportionate to the work involved. The Foundation has Spina Polish-Norwegian roots. Therefore, we would like to make the best possible use of the experience and achievements of the two countries in this field. In Norway, a highly developed prenatal diagnosis allows for early diagnosis of the disease and the treatment of children with myelomeningocele and other congenital defects. Most of these children are given the chance of birth. But if such a child comes into the world, is surrounded by a comprehensive care, as well as his entire family. In Poland, most cases of spina bifida are diagnosed too late. The high number of births of children with myelomeningocele imposes many challenges for doctors Рhow to treat, how to coordinate treatment to be most effective.