Welcome on the page of the IF Youth Group. Here they will tell you more about their intentions and who they are.


Why the IF Youth Group?

Youth empowerment became one of the main priorities of the IF strategic plan 2015-2017. The IF Youth Group was therefore set up in order to:

(1) make young people experienced self-advocates on Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (SB/H) issues, and
(2) develop IF's work on issues that are very important to young people with SB/H

The IF Youth Group was created so that we, young people with SB/H are able to discuss and address our problems ourselves. Young people with the SB/H condition, know what challenges are experienced by their peers; they can exchange ideas and experiences on how to support young people to overcome these challenges. We would like to make youth with SB/H more visible on the level of international disability rights work and to suggest possible solutions to challenges facing youth with SB/H in different countries.

We believe that as a group composed of representatives from different countries we can represent the interests and concerns of youth with SB/H on the international level. At the same time, IF Youth Group members act on behalf of local organizations and will transfer good practices and experiences from international level to the local grassroots level. In addition, the IF Youth Group would like to prove that young people with disabilities can be independent and are capable of developing their potential.

Finally, we are convinced that youth groups like this should be promoted across different DPOs so that disabled young people have a chance to have a space and means to exercise and claim their rights.

The ultimate goal of the IF Youth Group is to raise awareness about young people with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and to increase their participation in IF. A detailed description of our activities can be read in our IF Youth Group Action Plan.

Who is in the IF Youth Group?

Six young people coming from different parts of Europe form the IF Youth Group:

  • Ege Anli, 23, Turkey, psychology student;
  • Merlin Kizant, 24, Estonia, elementary school teaching student;
  • Elisa García de Ceca, 20, Spain, international relations student;
  • Nele Vanhecke, 21, Belgium, student for a degree in social work;
  • Adrian Filip, 28, Poland, medical doctor;
  • Mirela Bukovac, 24, Croatia, graduate student education and rehabilitation sciences.

To learn more about the IF Youth Group watch their presentation on YouTube and/or click on the image below to read the brochure.

Youth Group brochure

How to contact the IF Youth Group?

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact us anonymously by filling out this form.

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