Katalemwa Cheshire Home launches Folic Acid awareness campaign

On October 14, IF partner Katalemwa Cheshire Home will start an awareness campaign on the use of Folic Acid in Uganda. The campaign will run for 3 months and will be launched by the Archbishop of Uganda, Rev. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga. Several government dignitaries, including ministers and members of parliament, will be present at the launch as well. Many disability organisations, religious organisations and schools have already confirmed their participation. The organisers expect over 700 people to attend the event. The campaign is aimed at sensitizing the public about the importance of the timely use of Folic Acid in women of childbearing age. The theme for the day is "Folic Acid, all women every day". The campaign will also emphasize the need for increased support for children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. 
At the rehabilitation  centre Katalemwa Cheshire Home in Kampala, Uganda, children treated for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus receive follow-up care


First Argentinean Conference on Neural Tube Defects

November 18-19, 2010, IF member A.P.E.B.I. organises the first Argentinean Conference on Neural Tube Defects, together with the Argentinean Society of Neuro-orthopedia, the Argentinean Prenatal Diagnostics and Treatment Society and the Argentinean Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The theme of the conference is "Transition from childhood to adulthood". IF board member Dr. Erwin Calgua from Guatemala is one of the international speakers and will lecture about Folic Acid and fumonisins. The conference takes place within the frame of the National Folic Acid Intake Awareness Week and will be held in Buenos Aires. More information can be found on the A.P.E.B.I. website.
Elena M. de Záppoli, A.P.E.B.I. President, will give a presentation about IF's international conference in Dublin


First NeuroNet meeting on the prevention of Spina Bifida

In Brussels, on October 6, 2010, a scientific meeting, facilitated by IF, took place between top-level researchers on the prevention of Spina Bifida. This newly founded group of experts, called NeuroNet, is aiming to start a consortium which will pool all knowledge on the development of neural tube defects. The initiative was started by the Bo Hjelt Foundation through its board members Professor Régine Steegers-Theunissen,  Professor Andrew Copp and IF president Pierre Mertens. The meeting offered researchers an opportunity to learn from each other's studies and methods and to find ways to combine their efforts. It is clear that many genetic and environmental factors are involved in the development of neural tube defects and a lot more research is needed to find the true cause of Spina Bifida. This knowledge is key in the search for even more effective prevention measures, since not all cases seem to be folate related.
Scientists from different parts of Europe gathered in Brussels with members of the IF Board to discuss the future of further research into the development of Neural Tube Defects


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