IF Consultative Team

Mrs. Vero Van Den Abeele - consultant IF Knowledge Network 

Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans - Health Economics 

Mrs. Sofie Blancquaert - legal and ethics consultant IF, lawyer Chemiphar 

Dr. Richard Bransford - general surgeon, MD, FACS 

Mrs. Theresa Cole, Mr. Eric Holdtgrefe, Mrs. Annie Van Thienen - translator 

Dr. Jan Cordonnier and Mrs. Annick Uytterhaegen - laboratory 

Mrs. Myleen Christiaens - consultant continence management 

Dr. Filippo Ciantia - tropical medicine 

Mr. Zjuul Devens - multimedia, photography and camera work 

Dr. Philippe Gillis - consultant paediatrics and tropical medicine 

Frank De Graeve - communications advice 

Dr. Guy De Groot - Folic Acid working group Belgium 

Mrs. Helen Healy - consultant life skills and transition 

Mr. Bo Hjelt - consultant fundraising and general management 

Ms. Sofie Van Houtte, Mrs. Annie Van Thienen - user representation 

Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Keirse - user counselling 

Mr. Ludo Longin - DCS 

Prof. Dr. Glen Maberly - Flour Fortification Initiative 

Mrs. Marjan Van Mourik - consultant management and fundraising IF 

Dr. Joe Mulinare - prevention expert, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

Dr. Martina Oneko - medical consultant IF, consultant paediatrics/neuro-paediatrics 

Mr. Joris Petillion - commercial advice 

Prof. Dan Poenaru - medical consultant, paediatric neurosurgeon 

Mr. Andrew Russell - senior advisor flour fortification 

Mr. Koen Sevenants - senior advisor Development Cooperation Asia 

Prof. Dr. Regine Steegers-Theunissen - professor in reproductive epidemiology 

Mr. Dirk Van Den Steen - consultant Health Economics 

Mr. Paul Van Steenvoort - development cooperation 

Dr. Carla Verpoorten - medical consultant, neuro-paediatrician 

Dr. Anna Verster - senior consultant Flour Fortification Initiative 

Prof. Dr. Patrick De Vlieger - anthropology and disability 

Dr. Benjamin C. Warf - medical consultant, paediatric neurosurgeon, ABNS, ABPNS

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