Network Development

Knowledge is the Key for a Better Life

Gaining knowledge and sharing it with all stakeholders is top priority at IF, which collate and disseminate the information through its knowledge network. IF uses the media of conferences and seminars as a platform for exchanging information, expertise and examples of good practices internationally. Meanwhile, it facilitate contact between associations from different parts of the world. IF also uses its own organisation and collaborates extensively with affiliated organisations to initiate and encourage project, publications, research and communication. 

Networking on an international level

 IF conferences

The main annual IF event is the yearly conference. People with spina bifida and hydrocephalus and their families come together from all over the world to exchange knowledge and examples of good practice. Each year another IF member hosts the event.

The following conferences have been held since the inaugural meeting:

2013 Izmir Unite & Share

2012 Stockholm Finding Our Way

2011 Guatemala Opening Doors

2010 Dublin What's the next step

2009 Orlando Imagine the possibilities

2008 Lisbon Drawing Smiles - Towards Adulthood

2007 Kampala Tomorrow

2006 Helsinki Access

2005 Minneapolis Building Bridges to Advance Understanding

2004 Oslo Crossing Borders

2003 Lublin You are my World

2001 Dar es Salaam Against All Odds

2000 Toulouse The Right To Be Different

1999 Perth A Future with Purpose - A Future with Choice

1998 Washington Celebrate the Past, Envision the Future

1997 Bonn Its about me

1995 Sydney Fast Forward into the Future

1993 Deinze Wait a a Minute

1997 Stockholm Together is Strength

1989 Antwerp Live your Life

1987 Denver Climb every mountain 

1985 Manchester Making our Way

1983 Malaga Incontinence

1981 Dublin independent Living

1979 Stockholm The Family Situation

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European Year of Citizens Alliance

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