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In industrialised countries the coming together of parents and adults with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus in national organisations was a significant step  towards  improvement of services. These organisations have lobbied for and assisted in the establishment of better services for people and for their families who are now increasingly able to lead lives close to 'normal'.

In developing countries however, many survive, but in conditions which for the individuals and their families are unhealthy and unsupportive. While national organisations will specifically focus on service delivery in their own countries, IF looks across borders and facilitates the creation and strengthening of activities of national organisations in those countries where services are still poor or non-existent.

The activities and actions of IF include research and projects in Europe and in developing countries.


Developing Countries


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European Year 2014

COFACE Reconciling Work and Family

European Year 2013

European Year of Citizens Alliance

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