Victoria Sandoval de Lara, Guatemala

My life with Spina Bifida

victoria.jpgHello to all!  If you are reading this article it is perhaps because you have Spina Bifida, or you have or will have a relative or friend with Spina Bifida.

For me living with Spina Bifida has been just another circumstance in my life, such as being short or having curly hair.  It is something you have to accept, and from that moment on your life becomes something you can really treasure every day!

I was born in Guatemala, July 12th 1975.  At that time nothing was known about Spina Bifida in Guatemala, but my parents were lucky enough to find very good doctors. Also they were very strong and determined, and never felt pity about me. All the way around they knew I could do anything, but I had to try different ways to achieve it. Their way of thinking made me feel very secure about myself and helped me to see my Spina Bifida and all its circumstances in a very natural way, such as my height or my hair. It is part of me, made me the person I am right now, and I wouldn't change it because I am very happy with my life!
My life, so far has been very nice, with very happy and joyful moments, and very sad with tearful  moments that have shown me that life is once, is short and is worth to be lived at the most every day because you never know when it is going to end.  
Two years ago I got married with a wonderful man, he is a Mexican named Jorge Lara, we live in Guatemala City and have our own enterprise.  Now we are expecting a baby boy, his name is Martín Lara and he is expected to be born on November 4th 2009!

victoria_martin.jpgI think, as with many other aspects of life, big moments in your life force you to stop and reevaluate your desires and goals. My  pregnancy has made me think about many things that before I have always taken for granted, such as having a natural delivery, which might not be possible because of my tethered cord.  Any way, life is an adventure, we never know the next surprise it will give you!


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