Veronika Vadovičova, Slovakia

02_08_spina_bifida-veronika.jpgVeronika Vadovičova (born 1983, Trnava, Slovakia) is a young woman with Spina Bifida from Slovakia. She studies "Teaching Sports for Disabled Children" in Czech Republic. Recently, she engaged herself in the Slovak Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, which is a one-year old organisation. Veronika has two brothers, a boyfriend and likes cooking and baking, skiing and sportscars.
But more important, in the Slovak republic she has a special role in representing the disabled people.

One time, when the weather was too bad to ski, she killed time by shooting a rifle. And although she liked to ski, she seemed to have an exceptional talent for shooting. The first disabled person of Slovakia ever to shoot the Olympian discipline became her trainer and that was the beginning of a successful sport story.
Now she trains twice a week for 4 hours and participates in competitions during the weekends. These competitions are held between people with and without a disability. For the moment, there are 6 disabled shooters, she is the only one with Spina Bifida. Olympic shooting is has two weapons, rifle and pistol. Veronika shoots the rifle. It has four disciplines: 10m and 50m, each lying and standing.

Veronika participated for Slovakia in the Paralympics of Athens 2004 (sixth place) and Sydney 2000. She has participated in various national and international competitions, such as the World Championships in Korea in 2002 and the European championships in Czech Republic in 2003. From these championships she has brought home over 70 medals. Veronika is the runner-up European champion of 2001 and 2003.
The Slovak community has rewarded her for these achievements as the Disabled Sportswoman of the Year not less than 3 times.
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