110228 europlan final conference

IF attends EUROPLAN final conference

EUROPLAN aims to assist EU Member States in developing national health policies to improve equal access and availability of prevention, diagnosis and treatment for people with rare diseases. Due to prenatal screening and termination of pregnancies Spina Bifida is starting to become a rare condition as well. IF encourages the development of National Plans and Strategies, conform the recently agreed European Council Recommendation on an action in the field of rare diseases (2009/C 151/02). On February 25, 2011, IF attended EUROPLAN's final conference in Rome, where the main results were presented obtained in the framework of EUROPLAN and further steps were discussed. During the day IF disseminated its report "Act against Europe's most common birth defects".
National Plans for Rare Diseases should include strategies for primary prevention of birth defects


110229 Quentin Johnson receives Honorary Doctor of Laws

Quentin Johnson receives Honorary Doctor of Laws

Recently Quentin Johnson was awarded an Honorary Doctors of Laws from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. An advocate and consultant for a worldwide flour fortification programme, Quentin Johnson has established programmes that have either directly or indirectly improved the lives of nearly thirty percent of the world’s population. Over the past thirteen years he has been involved in the introduction of micronutrient food fortification in more than eighty one countries, and his efforts in many of the poorest countries in the world have dramatically advanced the health of countless women and children. More recently, Mr. Johnson has been the Coordinator of the Technical Training and Support Group of the Flour Fortification Initiative, an international network of private sector industry, public sector and civil sectors promoting flour fortification worldwide. Quentin Johnson also cooperates with IF and other stakeholders in the Smarter Futures project in Africa.
Quentin W. Johnson is one of the world's most passionate advocates for flour fortification


110222 IF at World Expo 2015

IF part of World Expo 2015

The theme of the World Expo 2015 will be 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life' and the event will have a special focus on nutrition, health an welfare. Because of the importance of nutrition in the prevention of neural tube defects IF decided to have its International Conference 2015 within the World Expo in Milan, Italy. In an official letter Mr Giuseppe Sala, CEO of Expo 2015, awarded the patronage of Expo 2015 to the IF International Conference 2015. Pierre Mertens, president of IF, and Maria Cristina Dieci, President of the Italian Spina Bifida Association, had a first meeting with Filippo Ciantia, International Project manager of Expo 2015.
Maria Cristina Dieci, Filippo Ciantia and Pierre Mertens


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