Fortify Grains to Prevent Neural Tube Defects in Africa Advocacy Toolkit

FFI advocacy toolkit15 November // The Flour Fortification Initiative has recently published the Advocacy Toolkit to facilitate the flour fortification advocacy in Africa. It provides basic information on folic acid, NTDs, and flour fortification in African context, but has also many useful contacts for organisations planing to start campaigning for flour fortification programme in their countries. 


Lord to make final stand on issue of Folic Acid in Flour

Lord Rooker puts folic acid fortification of flour on the agenda in the UK

05 November // In a final attempt to persuade the Government to take action on the UK’s unacceptably high level of Neural Tube Defects (NTDs) in pregnancy, outgoing Food Standards Agency Chair, Lord Rooker, is to raise the issue of the fortification of flour with folic acid in the House of Lords this week.

Lord Rooker, who has served as Chair of the Food Standards Agency since July 2009 is concerned that despite a longstanding FSA recommendation that flour should be fortified with folic acid, the Government has taken no action to effect this, nor any other robust action to ensure that women of childbearing age take folic acid at the right time. Currently it is estimated that only 5.5% of women take folic acid correctly.


What day is today?

P= people U= united for S= Spina bifida H= Hydrocephalus

25 October // The launch day of the PUSH global community campaigning platform! Starting today everyone concerned about Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus around the world can become a member of this global movement and PUSH! their messages further. 

Give it a try now: become a member (it's free), create your campaign or see what's going on in the world of SB/H! We are People United for Spina bifida and Hydrocephalus!

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