Holocaust Remembrance Day: recalling the genocide of tens of thousands that did not fit the Nazi ideology

Practices, like the Groningen Protocol, that counsel parents that it is best for babies to die because they have severe impairments, violate international human rights standardsJanuary 27 marks the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This year on this occasion, Disabled People's International (DPI) and IF opened an exhibition on disability and Aktion T4 in the Library of the Royal Palace of Naples (Italy) and the Museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent (Belgium).

Pierre Mertens, IF's past President created an installation on both locations which incorporate Hitler's letter in Braille. In this letter Hitler gave orders to the "mercy killing" of persons with a disability or those with a psychiatric condition. One of the arguments used to kill around 200 000 people was unbearable pain and the meaningless life of these individuals. At the international conference in Napels, Pierre Mertens held a lecture which focused on the selection of birth defects and the Groningen Protocol.


Advancing the rights of people with disabilities worldwide in the view of the upcoming EU elections

MEP signing the pledge to ensure that the EP's decisions are inclusive of all, and actively promote inclusion of persons with disabilities in all issues, especially those pertaining to development and humanitarian aid27 January 2014 // Last week IF supported the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC) in the launch of the European Elections Statement. Development programmes and the Post-2015 development framework have to take into account the rights and needs of the most vulnerable people in developing countries, including those who live with a disability.

The signing of the IDDC European elections statement for MEPs comes down to one fact: in order to achieve really inclusive development cooperation, and to effectively work towards the goals of eradicating poverty and sustainable growth for all globally, it is imperative that we include people with disabilities who represent one in five people around the world.


The European Year of Citizens 2013 will continue in 2014, says the European Commission!

What learning to live with a disability like spina bifida and hydrocephalus can mean for a family14 January 2014 // IF has supported the proposal to declare 2014 European Year for reconciling work and family life, although in the light of the upcoming European elections this choice of the European Commission seems to be coherent. The European elections will indeed be a clear indicator of EU citizens' awareness and connection to the EU. Mobilising EU citizens at local level and linking them with citizens' movements at national and/or EU level is key to achieving a more inclusive and democratic Europe.

IF believes in the necessity of starting the debate on the work/life balance and is looking forward to contribute to the EY2014 Alliance activities. A special attention should be given to the parents of children with disabilities in their work and family reconciliation.


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European Year 2014

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