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Newborns with Spina Bifida still suffer from negative stereotyping

28 November // Until April 2008 EDF had 8 committees to provide assistance and advice on specific policy areas that were particularly relevant for people with disabilities, and therefore were also a work priority for the organisation. After this date, the EDF Board in Brussels decided to revise the EDF Committees structure, to work in a more flexible and proactive way in order to better answer the needs of EDF. IF Secretary-General has now joined 2 EDF email Expert Groups, International cooperation and Access to health & health stereotypes.

A victory for children with hydrocephalus

From now on no child with hydrocephalus in the EU should ever go without the treatment they need.

13 November // From January 2014, the Romanian government will provide life-saving treatment for children with hydrocephalus. This serious condition affects over 600 children every year in Romania. This important announcement from Lumos signals a huge success for the years of campaigning and advocacy work led by this organisation.

Up until now, Romania was the only country in the EU that did not provide the medical shunts necessary to treat children with hydrocephalus. IF's member organisation, the Romanian Association of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (ARSBH), has been gathering funds since 2005 to supply shunts for free to those in need, to support medical training for neurosurgeons and to offer parental support.

Check out the Disability & Healthcare Checklist now!

Check out now the Disability & Healthcare Checklist19 November // What does being an active citizen mean to a person with disability? How important is it to have access to proper healthcare? As a result of the conference on the equal access to healthcare, where the survey report on the Active and Healthy EU citizen was launched, we have published a Disability and Healthcare checklist. Towards accessible healthcare for persons with disabilities. It focuses on three main areas where the accessibility of the healthcare can play a crucial role: rights and inclusion, mainstreaming, and communication. You can use the Disability and Healthcare checklist in many ways, depending on your profession and expertise. Have a look here!

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