Adolescence is a very sensitive transitional period lasting over a few years, where the importance of transfer of care from paediatric to adult services cannot be overestimated.31 March 2015 // International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, in consultation with the members and experts, made a submission to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in view of its ongoing work to draft a General Comment on the Rights of Adolescents. In its submission, IF focused on the rights of adolescents with spina bifida and hydrocephalus during the sensitive stage of transition from childhood to adulthood. The submission covers the need for a multidisciplinary approach to transition, which includes high level of appropriate healthcare services, social and educational support as well as the importance of informal peer support. These elements are essential for fostering the young person's growing maturity and preparing her or him for an independent life in the community and the responsible self-management of health needs for the best attainable standard of health. 

EDF Alternative Report UNCRPD20 March 2015 // The EDF Alternative Report has been prepared in the frame of the review process of the EU by the UN Committee in Geneva. During its 13th session on 2 April 2015, the UN Committee will examine for the first time the report that the EU has submitted describing the work it has done to put in practice the principles of the UN CRPD since its ratification in 2010. The EDF report based its analysis on the gaps in the EU Report on the Implementation of the UN CRPD that the EU submitted to the UN Committee on 5 June 2014 and seeks to complement it where relevant with information received by EDF members and other stakeholders. IF contributed to Article 25 on Health and among other issues pointed out the shortcomings of the Cross-border Healthcare Directive.

GlobalNutritionReport 18012 March 2015 // The Global Nutrition Report 2014 published 193 Nutrition Country Profiles, capturing the status and progress of all UN Member States. In anticipation of the Global Nutrition Report 2015, the Global Nutrition Report Secretariat will be launching a series of case studies on the Profiles, to be written by people actively working in each country. Authors are asked to reflect on the stories the profiles tell, compare them with the reality they see, offer ideas for using the profiles and ways of making them more useful. Submissions should contain original material and be less than 400 words with an additional brief biography of the author limited to 50 words. The submission deadline is April 1st 2015. Click here to see the call for submissions.

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