The new Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program 2014-2020

Consilium11 December 2013 // The Council of the European Union adopted the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme for the period 2014 – 2020. It will have a budget of 439,473 million euros aimed at financing actions to promote the rights of European citizens, the principles of non-discrimination and equality between women and men, the right to protection of personal data, the rights of the child and consumers' rights. It will include among the Programme's objectives the prevention and fight against racism, xenophobia and homophobia, the rights of persons with disabilities, as well as the protection of victims of violence.

Among others also civil society and NGOs will have access to funding. The programme will finance actions with European added value, including national and small-scale projects. Actions that can be supported include awareness-raining campaigns, training activities (such as workshops and seminars), collection of data, surveys and cross-border cooperation. The allocation of funds will be organised by the Commission by a call for application further on.

Quality of Life in Spina Bifida Study

Take part in the Quality of Life in Spina Bifida survey!10 December 2013 // Take part in the global Quality of life in children and adults with SpinaBifida survey of the Division of Pediatric Urology at Riley Hospital for Children under the supervision of Dr. Rosalia Misseri and help improve care for all!

The study is open to anyone over the age of 8 with Spina Bifida who had spine surgery as a newborn as well as their caregivers/parents. Participants are welcome from all over the world! More information can be found on the survey page:
Taking part in this study is voluntary. You may choose not to take part or leave the study at any time.

The European Day of People with Disabilities in 2013 focuses on accessible tourism

Travelling is still a real challenge for people with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus3 December 2013 traditionally marks the International Day of People with Disabilities which aims to raise awareness of disability as a cross cutting development issue and to encourage working towards a more inclusive society for the estimated one billion people living with a disability around the world. This year it is celebrated in the capital of Europe with a conference on accessible tourism. Travelling is still a real challenge for some people with disabilities, as accessing information, using travel services, or finding accessible accommodation often prove to be difficult, costly and time consuming. People with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus, with often limited mobility, share these concerns while travelling or using public transport, facing additional barriers in their everyday lives.


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